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Chhath Puja 2023, a celebration steeped in unwavering devotion, is set to culminate in the highly anticipated Usha Arghya. Following a rigorous 36-hour fasting period, during which devotees abstain from both food and water, the final morning of the festival promises to bring blessings of health, prosperity, and success. This unique festival, deeply entrenched in tradition, unfolds as a spectacle of faith and dedication, particularly prominent in the heartlands of Bihar, UP, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and select cities in Nepal.

Initiating with Nahay Khay on November 17 and progressing to Kharna or Lohanda on November 18, Chhath Puja reaches its pinnacle with the significant Sandhya Arghya on November 19. The third day, Sandhya Ghat, sees devotees immersed in meticulous preparations, crafting bamboo stick baskets laden with offerings. 

The array comprises thekua, daabh nimbu, apple, peda, sugarcane, and an assortment of seasonal fruits. As the evening approaches, families gather near serene ponds or rivers, harmonizing with folk songs and eagerly awaiting the descent of the setting sun.

With the sun’s retreat, the main puja unfolds. Devotees, colloquially known as vratis, present arghya and an array of bhog items to Lord Sun and Goddess Chhathi Maiyya, embodying the culmination of their fasting and heartfelt prayers. Following the evening arghya, the devotees return home, maintaining their fast throughout the night, preparing for the final act of devotion – Usha Arghya.

Usha Arghya, a ritualistic offering to the rising sun, symbolizes the conclusion of Chhath Puja. Devotees rise before the break of dawn, brimming with anticipation for the morning rituals. Accompanied by the warmth of family and friends, they proceed to the ghats with bamboo baskets laden with prasad for Lord Sun and Chhathi Maiyya. The final day infuses an extra layer of excitement as vratis, having completed their fasting, relish the delectable prasad alongside their loved ones.

City-wise puja timings for Usha Arghya Timings to break the fast on Parana Day

City Name Parana Time
Patna 6:12 am
Ranchi 6:07 am
Gaya 6:11 am
Delhi 6:49 am
Darbhanga 6:10 am
Bhagalpur 6:04 am
Samastipur 6:10 am
Aurangabad 6:42 am
Hyderabad, Telangana 6:25 am
Chennai 6:11 am
Lucknow 6:31 am
Chandigarh 6:55 am
Jaipur 6:52 am
Bhopal 6:39 am
Kolkata 5:54 am
Noida 6:49 am
Bengaluru 6:22 am
Raipur 6:19 am
Bhubaneshwar 6:00 am
Shimla 6:54 am
Dehradun 6:49 am
Pune 6:45 am
Bhopal 6:39 am
Mumbai 6:50 am

As the sun ascends on the morning of Usha Arghya, it not only marks the culmination of a festival but also reaffirms the unyielding bonds of faith, unity, and the timeless connection between humanity and the divine.

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