‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’, ‘Castaway Diva’ and ‘Korea-Khitan War’ soar to peak ratings – Times of India

In a remarkable night for Korean television, three popular dramas reached new heights in viewership on November 19. ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’, ‘Castaway Diva’, and ‘Korea-Khitan War’ all achieved their highest ratings to date, captivating audiences across the nation.
According to Nielsen Korea, ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ scored a remarkable average nationwide rating of 2.3 percent in its latest episode, setting a new personal record for the show.The drama’s compelling storyline and engaging performances seem to have resonated with viewers, propelling it to new heights.
‘Castaway Diva’, dominated its time slot across all cable channels, securing an impressive average nationwide rating of 8.7 percent. The latest episode marked a new personal record for the drama, indicating a growing fanbase for the captivating storyline of a castaway’s journey.
Facing tough competition from ‘Castaway Diva’, the historical drama ‘Korea-Khitan War’ managed to achieve a nationwide average rating of 7.0 percent for its fourth episode. The show’s success in surpassing its previous ratings suggests a growing interest in its historical narrative.
Meanwhile, ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’ may have fallen short of its personal best, but the drama still experienced an uptick in viewership, reaching an average nationwide rating of 9.0 percent. With only two episodes remaining, the series claimed the top spot in its time slot across all cable channels in anticipation of its final week.
Notably, ‘Live Your Own Life’ continued its reign as the most-watched program on Sunday, securing an impressive average nationwide rating of 15.5 percent. The consistent popularity of the show highlights its widespread appeal and dedicated viewer base.

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