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Emraan Hashmi’s Aatish Rehman was a worthy opponent to Tiger and Zoya in Tiger 3. He simply elevated the film with his presence. But the actor who is lapping up all the appreciation for his performance in the film has one regret. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, Emraan revealed what he wished from his director Maneesh Sharma.

Emraan Hashmi INTERVIEW On Tiger 3 SUCCESS, Pathaan SRK CAMEO, QUITTING Acting, Karan Johar

The actor wanted to be part of the action sequence which involved Tiger (Salman Khan) and Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) in the film.Talking about it, he said, “I did not see some of the action set pieces as I was not working on them while shooting, but I loved the Tiger and Pathaan sequence in the film. And I saw the film again, especially the sequence in IMAX. I actually asked Maneesh to let me fire some bazookas… let Aatish come in an army truck and start firing at Tiger and Pathaan, but Aatish is a cerebral character and he controls everything.”
Emraan also spilled the beans on what his mentor Mahesh Bhatt felt after watching the film. He said, “Bhatt Saab loved the film, he mentioned that it is not one action set piece after another, it had scale, it had a message and there was strong characterisation. I knew that he would like the film.”

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