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Just ahead of her birthday, Hailey Bieber has been immersed in pre-celebrations with close friends and family. Whether stepping out in a chic velvet dress for an evening on the town or sharing precious moments with husband Justin Bieber, she’s been savoring these moments. The model also dedicated quality time to her best friend, supermodel Kendall Jenner, in the lead-up to her significant day.Hailey has provided a sneak peek into the 48 hours of her pre-birthday festivities through her engaging social media posts.

Hailey Bieber treated her Instagram followers to a photo collection capturing the highlights of the 48 hours she dedicated to celebrating her upcoming birthday before the official date. The socialite, set to turn 27 on November 22, shared a photodump with the caption, “the best 48 hours [smile face emoji] [x2 wine glass emojis] [heart hands emoji].” The slideshow featured a series of images providing a visual narrative of the activities and moments that unfolded during these two pre-birthday celebration days. The initial photo showcased an aesthetically pleasing shot of a particular location.In the next photo of the sequence, Hailey Bieber was captured intimately holding onto her husband Justin’s arm as they posed on a pavement. Hailey donned a stylish all-black ensemble and sported sunglasses, while Justin complemented her look with neutral tones, wearing a brown sweater and beige pants. Adding to his accessories were a cap and the mushroom pendants that Hailey had gifted him on their fifth wedding anniversary earlier this year.
The subsequent slide highlighted Hailey’s chic fall fashion, featuring her in a sweater dress paired with thigh-high boots. She elegantly wore a cream-colored sweater that extended to her thighs, combined with orange-and-black striped long leather boots. Completing the ensemble were round sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and her hair styled in a bun with wisps framing her face. The autumnal atmosphere of the image was heightened by the picturesque background. The following picture presented a solo shot of Hailey, dressed in an all-black outfit, set against a pink wall.
In the series of images, the 16-year-old, presumably a family member or friend, was captured wearing an oversized black coat paired with jeans and sunglasses. Hailey’s subsequent slide featured a mirror selfie featuring herself and Kendall Jenner. In the photo, Kendall wore a black sweater with a headscarf covering her hair. The following image showcased Hailey’s night-out ensemble – a wine-red velvet dress from Thierry Mugler.

The penultimate shot in the series displayed three hands holding Rhode peptide lip tints, while the final image captured a picturesque scene from a winery, featuring glasses set on a rock-themed table.

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