Park Eun Tae was the REAL target in the knife attack which left Super Junior’s Kyuhyun injured – Times of India

In a shocking turn of events on November 21, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun was left injured while trying to protect a fellow actor in the dressing room of the musical ‘Ben Hur‘. And now, it has been revealed that the real target was actor Park Eun Tae. SBS News revealed that Gang Seo Police had apprehended a woman in her 30s in connection with the assault on the actor.
According to the police report, the assailant, who claimed to be a fan, approached Park Eun Tae before abruptly brandishing a knife. The situation escalated further when Super Junior’s Kyuhyun intervened to prevent the attack, resulting in injuries for the popular K-pop artist.
Remarkably, neither Park Eun Tae nor Kyuhyun had any prior acquaintance with that woman, making the motive behind the attack even more perplexing. Law enforcement officials are diligently investigating the incident, with plans to pursue additional charges of stalking against the arrested woman.
The incident highlights the growing concerns surrounding the safety of public figures and the potential dangers they face from overzealous fans. The entertainment industry, accustomed to fan adoration, now grapples with the darker side of celebrity obsession, as incidents of violence against artists continue to make headlines.

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