Yoon Hyun Soo’s plan to help Park Gyu Young Go adds hilarity to ‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ – Times of India

As fantasy romance drama, ‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’, unfolds its whimsical tale, new stills have been unveiled, offering a sneak peek into the upcoming episode’s humorous twists and turns. Based on a popular webtoon, the series revolves around Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young), a woman cursed to transform into a dog with a kiss, and her colleague Jin Seo Won(Cha Eun Woo), the only person capable of breaking the curse.Spoilers Ahead!
In the previous episode, Gae Na, in her dog form, attempted to secretly lift the curse by kissing the sleeping Seo Won, only to discover that the transformation persisted. The mystery behind the curse deepened when it was revealed that the kiss must take place while both parties are conscious. Now, as the storyline progresses, new stills offer a glimpse into the comical chaos that ensues.
The images depict a surprise visit from Shin Mi Sun (Jung Young Joo) to Hae Na and Yoo Na’s house, as she suspects that one of them may have accidentally triggered the curse. Hae Na, caught off guard by Mi Sun’s unexpected arrival, is further bewildered when Choi Yool (Yoon Hyun Soo) shows up at the door. The situation takes an amusing turn as Mi Sun insists on inviting Hae Na’s boyfriend to the house, prompting Yoo Na to urgently seek Choi Yool’s assistance.
However, the scenario takes an unexpected twist as Hae Na, in an apparent attempt to manage the situation, ends up kicking Choi Yool out of her house. The stills showcase Choi Yool looking slightly out of place in formal attire, possibly borrowed from his uncle Seo Won. Adding to the comedic intrigue, Mi Sun formally bows at Choi Yool, leaving viewers curious about the unfolding dynamics and the fate of the curse. As the storyline takes unexpected turns, the next episode promises to deliver more laughter and surprises.
The upcoming episode of ‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ is set to air on November 22.

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