Deepak Tijori reveals Abbas-Mustan replaced him with Shah Rukh Khan in Baazigar: I didn’t know that ‘we will work together’ never really happens | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Director Abbas-Mustan‘s 1992 thriller Baazigar marked the beginning of Shah Rukh Khan‘s association with the anti-hero image. His portrayal of a complex character of Ajay Sharma alias Vicky Malhotra seeking revenge for his father’s death and the subsequent ruin of his family is still etched in everyone’s heart and mind. But it would surprise you to know that SRK was not the first choice for this role but it was actor Deepak Tijori.
During his recent interview with Bollywood Thikana, Deepak revealed that he was originally supposed to star in Baazigar, which was inspired by the Hollywood movie A Kiss Before Dying. He mentioned that back then, there was no concept of copyright, studios system had not come into play, so, most films were inspired by Hollywood films.
Deepak had pitched the film’s story to director Abbas-Mustan and told them that he will do the role of Ajay and they can cast other actors for other roles. The duo had agreed. He then met producer Pahlaj Nihalani, who was ready to produce the film.
When everything was getting finalised, one day Deepak received a call from Pahlaj who then told him that Abbas-Mustan were in talks with Venus for the same film. Deepak was shocked at this development.

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“Back then Shah Rukh and I were friends. We would party every night. I asked him if he was approached for the film, he said he was. There was even a VCD of that film at his house. The brothers then said they have already committed themselves to Venus with Shah Rukh as the lead. If we back out now, it will be a question on our career. They said they will collaborate with me on some other film. I thought now what’s the point, if their career is at stakes, then let it be. Back then I didn’t know that ‘we will work together’ never really happens. It is just said for the sake of it,” Deepak expressed.

Baazigar went on to become a milestone in Indian cinema. Apart from commercial success, the movie also won several awards, including Filmfare Awards for Best Actor for Shah Rukh Khan and Best Supporting Actress for Shilpa Shetty. In the film, Kajol played the female lead.

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