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Upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘Marry My Husband’, takes viewers on a gripping journey of second chances, revenge, and the complexities of love. The first teaser, released on November 25th, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the mysterious world crafted by writer Shin Yoo-dam and director Park Won-guk.
The narrative centres around Kang Ji-won, portrayed by Park Min-young, who meets a tragic end after discovering her husband’s affair with her best friend.In a twist of fate, she is granted a return to a decade prior, kickstarting her second chance at life.
The teaser opens with Kang Ji-won entering an interview room, her demeanour reflecting a mix of curiosity and unease, reminiscent of a participant in the dating reality program ‘EXchange’. As questions about her mysterious past and the enigmatic figure ‘X’ are posed, “What kind of person is X?” Kang Ji-won’s calm responses heighten the intrigue surrounding her character.
Revelations about an office romance with ‘X’ add depth to Kang Ji-won’s narrative, hinting at a connection that surpasses conventional relationships. However, the teaser takes a dramatic turn as Kang Ji-won, on the brink of tears, declares, “I won’t choose X”. The bombshell drops with her shocking confession: “I was murdered by my best friend and husband”. This revelation sets the stage for a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected twists.
The teaser intensifies with glimpses of Kang Ji-won’s best friend, Jung Soo-min (played by Song Ha-yoon), and her husband, Park Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung), lying on a bed, followed by a visceral physical altercation. The tension peaks as Kang Ji-won is shown bleeding from her head, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.
As the video progresses, Kang Ji-won undergoes a dramatic transformation, exchanging her initial demeanour for one of cold determination and fierce resolve. The teaser hints at a blood-red punishment, suggesting that Kang Ji-won is poised to become the embodiment of vengeance.
‘Marry My Husband’ is slated to premiere on January 1, 2024, promising a thrilling start to the new year with its compelling narrative, unexpected twists, and the magnetic performance of Park Min-young in this tale of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice.

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