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In a recent interview on BTS member Suga’s YouTube talk show ‘Suchwita,’ actor Kim Nam Gil shared the difficulties he still faces after a serious car accident.
Kim Nam Gil, known for his role in ‘The Fiery Priest,’ discussed an unexpected experience during the show. Suga, the BTS rapper, brought up Kim Nam Gil’s friendship with fellow member Jin and showed a photo that reminded the actor of his involvement in the 31st batch of MBC’s open recruitment.
However, Kim Nam Gil revealed that things took a turn for the worse after passing the recruitment.He disclosed, “I had a serious car accident and was hospitalised for about 6 months.” This incident has had a lasting impact on him, affecting his ability to memorise lines even today.
Surprising Suga, Kim Nam Gil opened up about the ongoing challenges he faces due to the accident. Suga, relating to the topic, shared his own experience of struggling to memorise lyrics after a car accident in his youth.
Apart from the mentioned car accident, Kim Nam Gil has faced other setbacks, including minor injuries while filming. During the shooting of the movie ‘The Pirates,’ the actor fell and got injured, fortunately sustaining only minor bruises.
In another incident on the set of ‘The Fiery Priest,’ Kim Nam Gil’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, reported that the actor complained about a fractured rib and wrist after filming a group action scene. This incident was separate from the earlier car accident but added to the challenges faced by the award-winning star.
Despite these hurdles, Kim Nam Gil sees them as tests in his career. He admitted that facing slumps was challenging but viewed them as opportunities for growth.
Fans can catch Kim Nam Gil’s guest appearance on ‘Suchwita’ on December 4 at 10 pm
Looking ahead, the actor is set to star in the upcoming Netflix drama ‘Trigger,’ directed by Kwon Oh Seung of ‘Midnight.’ The drama, featuring Kim Young Kwang, is scheduled to premiere in 2025 after Kim Nam Gil’s back-to-back K-dramas in 2023, including ‘Song of the Bandits’ and ‘Island’ Part 2.


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