Aditi Govitrikar on her missed opportunity to meet Yash Chopra: ‘The trajectory of my life would have been different’ – Exclusive – Times of India

Aditi Govitrikar, known for seamlessly juggling her roles as a successful model, actor, and Harvard-trained psychologist, shares insights into her experiences in the entertainment industry. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, she candidly talks about the industry’s potential to shape narratives, the vulnerability of actors to depression, and the intriguing dynamics of her personal and professional life, including her children’s aspirations and an exciting pageant venture on the horizon.Excerpts…
After two successful seasons, what can the audience expect in ‘Mismatched 3‘?
I think the last two seasons were delightful and the third promises to be an extremely interesting season.
How has your experience been working with the younger generation of actors on the show?
It was awesome and very refreshing. I learnt a lot about how this age group thinks and their views.
What attracted you to the character of Kalpana?
She’s a single working woman and I could identify with that. Besides, I wanted to work with Akarsh Khurana.

Balancing both a successful modeling and acting career alongside being a medical professional is no small feat. How do you manage to excel in such diverse fields?
The question itself has the answer- it is about balancing. I enjoy doing different things and do it well so that I am successful. Being a Harvard trained psychologist, I use the knowledge for myself too and am lucky as I have the freedom to choose when I want to work.

How has being recognised as ‘beauty with brains’ influenced the choices you make in terms of film projects and endorsements?
When I act, even if the role is a special appearance I use psychology to understand the person, her background and thought process – that helps I guess.

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Could you share instances where your medical background has influenced your decisions or perspectives in the entertainment industry?
Being from a medical background and having witnessed people fighting for their life, be it because of an illness or accident, after seeing suffering from such close quarters helped me in staying grounded and humble. No amount of fame will go to my head.
In your opinion, how can the entertainment industry contribute to breaking stereotypes about women and promoting a more inclusive and empowered narrative?
It can contribute a lot! We need to stop making regressive films. Because a lot of people get influenced by the films they watch. The entertainment industry can break stereotypes by portraying diverse, multidimensional characters with varied roles, abilities, and backgrounds. Additionally, supporting and promoting content created by women can amplify diverse perspectives and contribute to a more inclusive narrative.

Both celebs and people in general are talking openly about mental health. As a public figure yourself, how vulnerable do you think actors are to depression? How do you deal with it?
Public figures, including actors, can face vulnerability to depression due to the pressures of fame, constant scrutiny, and demanding schedules. Coping mechanisms vary, but maintaining a strong support system, seeking professional help, and practicing self-care are crucial. It’s important to prioritise mental health and destigmatise seeking assistance when needed.
In one of your previous interviews, you mentioned how you couldn’t muster the courage to meet Yash Chopra. Do you think, if you did, things would have been different for you as an actor?
A 100 percent yes. Of course, he had only asked to meet, so I am not sure if a film would have materialised. But I am sure the trajectory of my life would have been different.
Do you have a bucket list of actors and directors you want to work with?
I definitely have a list and would love to work with the talented directors and actors we have in our industry. I don’t want to name one or two as the list is too long.
Tell us something about your kids. Are they interested in following your footsteps and foray into films or do they have other aspirations?
My daughter is not interested in acting. She wants to conquer the corporate world. My son who’s 16 wants to be an actor so he’s preparing for it.
How do you look back at your journey so far?
The journey so far has been fantastic. A roller coaster of ups and downs, some exhilarating moments, some dark but overall I am happy. However, there’s lots happening with my own pageant for married women happening in January 2024. Lots of exciting projects and work are underway!

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