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If you thought bragging about your wealth would attract potential partners, think again! A dating survey has recently found that this can be a major turn-off. Dating app QuackQuack conducted a study wherein 42% of the participants said that unspoken rules often guide our interactions, shaping the way we connect with potential partners. A week-long poll was organised to collect data on dating etiquette maintained by daters of the age group 20 to 35 spanning the metropolitan and smaller cities of India. A total of 10,000 people took part. 

Dating Tips: Dos And Don’ts

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “From our user behaviour observation, we do notice a certain pattern. For instance, users who brag about money tend to get unmatched sooner than users who don’t.” Let’s check out the dating etiquettes that got green flags and red flags from users.

1. Don’t Brag About Money

According to the survey, 29% of men and women said while financial stability is something they look for in their matches, bragging about money is downright crass. The respondents highlighted the importance of respecting financial differences and not lording their better financial status over someone struggling. Flaunting your wealth, sharing your stories of how much you spend or rather overspend, will impress no one, cleared these dates. 

2. Do Not Judge

Around 32% of 30+ female daters from Tier 1 and 2 cities shared that they have experienced judgment from men when they open up about their dating history. They also mentioned some men even pass remarks if a woman has dated more men than their ‘socially acceptable number’. These women mentioned how important it is to keep an open mind while dating, and advised people against passing comments. Additionally, they stated that if someone’s past does not align with your idea of a perfect partner, it is better to unmatch than give unsolicited advice on how a woman should carry herself.

3. Do Not Pry

Around 36% of QuackQuack users aged 20 to 30 emphasised the importance of not being too intrusive during the initial chatting phase. While it’s natural to want to know more about a potential partner, there’s a right time for everything. Expecting someone to reveal everything in the initial stages of chatting is unrealistic. According to 18% of respondents, some matches were unmatched because they hoped for and insisted on immediate disclosure of personal details. 

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4. Respond Within 24 Hours

In the study, 40% of participants aged 25 and above disclosed that it is mandatory to reply to a message request within the first 24 hours if they are genuinely interested and want to be taken seriously. Deliberately making someone wait for days was viewed as immature, and the toxic “hard to get” play does not work in today’s dating landscape. It is okay to take your time and craft a suitable reply, but it should not exceed 24 hours. On a more realistic note, these daters explained that if you haven’t been online for a while and notice a message lingering for over a day, it’s considerate to draft a quick apology along with the reply.

5. Consent Matters

Around 57% of participants from metro and smaller cities unanimously voted consent as the top dating etiquette. 30% of women mentioned that sending photos, if not specifically asked for, is considered inappropriate, and it is not only limited to explicit content; it applies equally to an innocent picture of your face. Likewise, it is essential to refrain from sending graphic messages unless both parties have indicated their mutual interest and consent. And the most important nugget of advice shared by these daters is- never assume; always ask.


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