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On November 28th, G-Dragon, the iconic leader of K-pop sensation BIGBANG, stirred speculation and excitement among fans as he uploaded a cryptic video on his official channel. The video featured him singing ‘OUTRO. New Song’, a track released back in 2017, accompanied by footage of his dynamic moments on stage. What caught the attention of fans and music enthusiasts alike was G-Dragon‘s intriguing question posed in the video: “Who am I?”
Delving deeper into the visual narrative, the musical segment was artfully paired with a reference to ‘La divina commedia’ (The Divine Comedy), a classic Italian epic poem penned between 1308 and 1321.The amalgamation of music and literary allusion left fans buzzing with anticipation, interpreting the symbolism as potential hints about G-Dragon’s upcoming musical endeavours.
The decision to repost an older track has ignited speculation that G-Dragon might be subtly signalling the imminent release of a new song, a prospect he had hinted earlier in the year. In January, G-Dragon had tantalizingly hinted at a comeback, declaring, “I plan to meet you through various activities this year. Album preparation is also underway”.
However, G-Dragon’s musical teaser is juxtaposed against the backdrop of an ongoing drug investigation. The police, acting on the statement of a club manager in Gangnam, Seoul, had suspected G-Dragon of drug use at an entertainment venue in December of the previous year, prompting a thorough investigation.
Undeterred, G-Dragon has consistently refuted the allegations from the outset, stating firmly, “I have not taken drugs. Also, the news reports on ‘violation of drug control laws’ are unrelated”. Multiple tests, including rapid screenings and detailed examinations, have consistently returned negative results, prompting the police to lift the travel ban initially imposed on G-Dragon. This decision marks a significant development in the resolution of the allegations against the influential artist.
As fans eagerly await further clues about G-Dragon’s musical comeback, the resolution of the drug investigation adds a layer of relief and positivity to the artist’s current narrative, potentially paving the way for an exciting new chapter in his illustrious career.

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