Rapper King recalls Shah Rukh Khan leaving him speechless with a humble apology: ‘I sat on the floor and could not sleep for days’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan is the beloved figure for millions across the country, and is set to collaborate with rapper King. The rapper was highly impressed by SRK’s humility during their initial interaction. In a recent conversation, King shared that during a video call with SRK, the actor apologised for being late, folding his hands as a gesture of courtesy. Despite the delay not bothering King, he was deeply moved by SRK’s politeness.
According to King, SRK expressed his desire to collaborate on a song but made it clear that it should only happen if King genuinely felt inclined to do so.The rapper recounted the conversation, highlighting SRK’s understanding of working with artists. SRK apparently told King that he wants him to do something for SRK. and he added that if he doesn’t feel like it, SRK asked him to share that too. King emphasized that this showcased SRK’s respect for artists and their creative freedom. He shared this while talking to the India Folk Project.

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In terms of the collaboration itself, King revealed that SRK granted him complete freedom to create without any specific instructions.Shah Rukh Khan expressed to the rapper King that he is open to adapting the script to fit the song, giving the rapper creative freedom. He promised not to pass any instructions on. King emphasized the significance of SRK recognizing the importance of giving artists the autonomy to express themselves.As for details about the collaboration, King remained tight-lipped but hinted at having something special in store for SRK. The excitement and respect expressed by both artists in this interaction suggest a promising and collaborative venture on the horizon.

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