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Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, preparing for the release of Animal, reflected on the challenging experience of adapting Arjun Reddy into Hindi as Kabir Singh. Vanga expressed reluctance to undertake another remake, disclosing that not everyone supported Shahid Kapoor‘s casting in the lead role. The original, featuring Vijay Deverakonda, was a blockbuster, earning over Rs 50 crore on a budget of less than Rs 3 crore.Vanga emphasized the unique challenges of the remake process and signaled a departure from such endeavors in the future.

Animal – Official Trailer

During an iDream Media interview, the director revealed that following the blockbuster success, he proposed an idea to Mahesh Babu, expecting it to be his second film. However, as Mahesh Babu opted for a different project, and with numerous Bollywood offers pouring in, Vanga chose to remake the film in Hindi.
The director recalled it was painful to remake the film as it had already been widely watched. He also revealed that the film was first offered to Ranveer Singh but opted to not do it as he felt it was very dark for him at that time. Not fully convinced that even the Hindi remake will take off, he began focussing on another Telugu film.
Vanga expressed that if the remake hadn’t succeeded, it would have been a significant setback for him as a director, especially considering the buzz surrounding Arjun Reddy. He shared that after Ranveer Singh declined, Shahid Kapoor was approached, but doubts arose due to Shahid’s track record. Many questioned the choice, citing concerns about Shahid’s box office performance, but Vanga remained steadfast in his belief in Shahid’s acting prowess and the film went to mint about Rs 380 crores worldwide.

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