Amidst ‘Animal’ release, an old video of Aamir Khan talking about violence and sex in movies goes viral, here’s what he had said | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Animal‘ released on Friday and the film has found itself into controversies, despite the fact that it got a smashing opening at the box office. Many people who’ve seen the movie have felt that the violence in it is quite a bit to digest. Some have even felt that the movie is misogynistic. However, most viewers have suggested to watch the movie only for the performances and not the story line which has loopholes.
Amidst all the violence, intimacy and bold content in the film, a video of Aamir Khantalking about violence and sex in movies has gone viral on the internet.The actor had said, “There are few emotions which are very easy to provoke the audience. Violence is one such emotion and sex is another. These are two emotions which are easy to provoke in a human being. Those directors who are not very talented in creating a story, in showing emotions or creating situations, they depend heavily on sex and violence. Woh sochte hai hum bohot zyada violence dikhaaye ya sex dikhaaye toh hamari film kaamyaab hogi. Ho sakta hai kayin dafaa, woh kaamyaab ho jaaye yeh karne se (People think if we show violence or sex, we will be successful and there’s a possibility that such a film is successful) but I think it really harms the society and I think we are morally responsible.”
He further added, “People in cinema are responsible to a certain extent because the audience seeing our movies is definitely influenced and affected by it. Yeh baat dhyaan rakhni chahiye jab hum film banaaye toh kya dikha rahe hai. I’m not saying that there should be no violence in the movie, but it depends on the subject. Agar aap ek subject aisa banaa rahe hai jismein violence dikhana zaruri hai toh you can show it but there are ways of showing it.”
Netizens are sharing these videos on Reddit and X with captions like, “Aamir Khan spilling facts,” thus indirectly hinting at director Sandeep Reddy Vanga amidst the whole hullabaloo around ‘Animal’.

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