Junior Mehmood was detected with Cancer in November and it’s in the fourth stage, Johnny Lever is the first industry person to visit him – Times of India

Some reports came out which suggested that Junior Mehmood is suffering from Cancer. ETimes has now learnt that these reports are true. The veteran actor and filmmaker was detected from Cancer just in November. His friend Salam Kazi who has been with him for over 15 years has been on his side said that Junior Mehmood is now being treated at home with family by his side.
Kazi said, ” The cancer was detected only a month ago and he’s on its fourth stage and has affected his lungs and other parts. Doctors have told us that he only has 40 days but we all are praying for him. “
Reports also suggested that Johnny Lever came in to help Junior Mehmood. But Kazi clarified that Junior Mehmood doesn’t have any financial issue. Johnny however, is someone who is ready to help people without even asking. “. Junior Mehmood has produced Marathi films and earned money from them But he is grateful to Johnny Lever who was the first person to visit from the film industry. “
Junior Mehmood had said that about Johnny Lever who is always there to help without anyone asking for it. “Johnny Lever did ask if any help was needed but Jr Mehmood children said they are good and taking care but Johnny lever told them that he was there for them and only phone call away,” added Kazi.
The children refused to take help yet Johnny lever left some money with Junior Mehmood. He’s acted in more than 200 movies in various languages. Junior Mehmood is known for movies like ‘Kati Patang‘, ‘Aan Milo Sajna’, ‘Caravan’ among many others. He’s also directed many Marathi movies.

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