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In a picturesque ceremony that blended tradition and love, actor Randeep Hooda and Manipuri actress Lin Laishram exchanged vows on November 29 at the Chumthang Shannapung resort. The wedding, steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of Manipur, unfolded with the unique Meitei love marriage rituals, offering an intimate glimpse into the couple’s journey to marital bliss.

Watch: Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram’s official wedding video

One of the most captivating aspects of their nuptials was the Lei Lengba, a traditional Manipuri weddinggarland-making ritual that holds deep significance in Meitei weddings.Lin Laishram, the radiant bride, adorned in a pinkWangkheiphee ennaphee (an upper cloth garment) and Phanek Mapan Naiba (traditional handloom wrap), undertook the intricate process of crafting two marital garlands—one for herself and one for her groom.
The Lei Lengba ritual is a symbolic expression of love and commitment, where the bride weaves the garlands using Kundo lei, a local variant of Jasmine. The choice of Kundo, with its pure white blossoms, signifies the sacred and untainted nature of the marital bond. The wedding’s official videography company StoryTellerImphal and Sushil Tenz, shared photos of Lei Lengba and Lin’s traditional attire with ETimes, which are embedded below.

The white Kundo garlands, once meticulously crafted, play a pivotal role in binding the couple in an unbreakable tie, embodying the purity of their commitment to each other. Following the marriage ceremony, the garlands assume an even more significant role—they are thrown over the canopy of the marital bed. This ritual is believed to bestow blessings on the union, ensuring a lifetime of happiness and togetherness.
What makes this tradition even more captivating is that the Lei Lengba garlands are preserved by the couple throughout their lifetime. These delicate, handcrafted symbols of love become cherished artifacts, encapsulating the essence of their wedding day. Lin and Randeep, like many Manipuri couples, will hold onto these garlands as a reminder of their sacred bond.
In the days leading up to their wedding, the couple sought blessings at temples in Imphal, further embracing the cultural and spiritual significance of their union. Their choice to partake in these traditional rituals not only showcased their respect for Manipuri customs but also served as an inspiration for couples looking to infuse their weddings with an indelible charm of Indian culture.

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