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Previously, when Salman Khan‘s film Tiger 3 had its theatrical launch, admirers of the star were observed lighting firecrackers in a full cinema auditorium. Despite his outrage at the deed, Animal fans have now done the same and burst crackers inside a theater.
The anticipation for Ranbir Kapoor‘s action-drama Animal was finally realised when it was released in theaters.While the actor’s fans’ joy and passion could be evident in the manner they showed affection for it, they went so far as to light firecrackers inside a theater in the sight of numerous moviegoers during the screening.
When Bobby Deol and Ranbir Kapoor got together at the spectacular conclusion of the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directed film, a couple of individuals can be seen carrying an ablaze pistol and burning a cracker in a video that surfaced online.
Earlier, delighted Salman Khan fans set off rockets and burst firecrackers in a Mumbai movie theater during his appearance in the Maneesh Sharma-directed movie. The fireworks lasted about a minute in a full auditorium where individuals could be seen evading the bullets, amidst all the shouting and whistling. The footage of the incident quickly went viral.
Salman, on the other hand, addressed the problem after the occurrence and criticised the behaviour on social media. He wrote, “Request all my fans not to take firecrackers inside the auditorium as it could prove to be a huge fire hazard thereby endangering your lives and also others. My request to theatre owners is not to allow firecrackers to be taken inside the cinema and security should stop them from doing so at the entry point. Enjoy the film by all means but please please avoid this is my request to all my fans. Thank u.”
Soon after the terrifying incident, the Mumbai police department filed an FIR, and two persons were detained.

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