The Archies: Agastya Nanda calls Suhana Khan ‘least funny person’, she finds him ‘witty’: see fun video inside – Times of India

Zoya Akhtar is currently looking forward to the release of her highly awaited movie ‘The Archies’. As the flick approaches its release date, the team is coming out with new ways to promote the same. In a video posted on The Archies’ official Instagram page recently, lead stars Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda, who are rumoured to be dating in real life too, revealed some unknown facts about each other while making milkshakes!

While preparing the milkshake, Agastya said, “I think Suhana is a very big gossip queen.

You can’t tell her any secret.”
Soon Suhana chipped in. She said to Agastya, “You’re quite witty so I’ll give you that.” Agastya then said, “In my opinion, you’re the least funny person I’ve met.” Suhana said, “Agastya! You always laugh at everything I say.” Agastya carried on, “Suhana, I’ve known you the longest, and I can confirm that you’re the least funny.” Take a look at the entire video here…

Earlier, in a separate video, the cast opened up on their pet passions. First in line was Vedang Raina, who openly admitted his passion for gaming, describing it as “an unhealthy amount.” He enthusiastically shared, “I do a lot of it.”

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Following him was Khushi Kapoor, sister of Janhvi Kapoor, who confessed to having a peculiar trait—being “weirdly punctual.” She humorously mentioned, “I think it physically hurts me to be late for anything. So, for me, on time is five minutes early.”
Yuvraj Menda disclosed his interest in makeup, while Agastya Nanda showcased his unique talent for producing sounds by snapping his fingers.
Suhana Khan, daughter of Shah Rukh Khan, revealed her excitement about being unable to wink. She playfully stated, “I can’t wink; I look a little stupid when I wink.” Following her was Mihir Ahuja, who claimed the ability to replicate the sound of an F1 car. Dot, in turn, shared her love for crocheting, expressing, “I am constantly crocheting.”

Recently at IFFI, the filmmaker said that she felt old while shooting with them. Recalling an incident with Khushi, Zoya shared, “There is one shot, and Betty, being played by Khushi Kapoor, has to pick up the needle and put it on the vinyl, which is the record player. So, we are there behind the camera and we see her picking it up and putting it in the center. I was like ‘What are you doing?’ She was like, ‘Isn’t that where the music comes from?’ I said, ‘no.’ And you realize how young they are.”

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