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Vijay Varma, from his early acting days in Raj and DK’s short film “Shor” to notable projects like “Gully Boy,” “Darlings,” and “Jaane Jaan,” has traversed a remarkable path in the entertainment industry. However, recently, the actor revealed that there was a time when filmmakers consulted astrologers before casting him.

Tamannaah Bhatia wears Vijay Varma’s jacket as they step out after a dinner date in Bandra

Recalling a specific incident, Vijay told News18 that he once secured a role in a project but was subsequently asked to send pictures.

Without naming the individuals involved, he disclosed that he was later dropped from the film, because an astrologer disapproved of casting him based on his pictures. Despite facing such astrological setbacks, Vijay Varma has emerged triumphant in his career, with “Gully Boy” being a significant milestone in his journey.
During his challenging days in the film industry, Vijay Varma found inspiration and resilience in the advice of veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. Vijay revealed that Naseeruddin Shah advised aspiring actors to commit wholeheartedly to the profession, emphasizing that having a backup plan could hinder success in the face of tough times.
Recalling Naseeruddin Shah’s guidance during their student days, Vijay mentioned that if he wanted to become an actor but he also had a Plan B, then just take that Plan B because if he wanted to be an actor, he had to go through a lot of tough times. It may not be easy for him. This advice fueled Vijay’s determination, and he remained steadfast on his path, never losing sight of his goal.

Despite the challenges, the 37-year-old actor expressed gratitude for the love he receives from the audience today. While acknowledging the personal and beautiful relationships he has built in the industry, Vijay emphasized that there’s still much more he wants to achieve, conveying a sense of eagerness to explore new horizons in his acting career.

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