Lee Jang Woo REVEALS why he delayed marrying long time love Jo Hye Won; says, ‘I am contemplating where work is prioritised in my life’ – Times of India

In a recent press conference celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the popular show ‘I Live Alone,’ actor Lee Jang Woo, a regular on the show, explained why he has been putting off marrying his girlfriend, actress Jo Hye Won. The show, known for following celebrities who live alone, has gained immense popularity in Korea.
Lee Jang Woo expressed his deep connection with the show, stating that what initially seemed like occasional filming has turned into a sense of family over the four years he’s been part of it.He revealed that fellow members of the show shared their feelings, expressing that they would feel betrayed if he were to get married. This, he explained, has become one of the reasons for the delay in his marriage plans.
“I really do want to get married, but I also don’t want to lose the team. I am contemplating where work is prioritised in my life. I want to have children and be a father in this nation, but I don’t have the will to let go of this team. I am still struggling with the decision.” shared Lee Jang Woo, shedding light on the internal struggle he faces. Despite his genuine desire to start a family and become a father, the actor emphasised the difficulty of letting go of the close-knit community formed on the show.
Lee Jang Woo acknowledged the challenge of making a decision and is still in the process of figuring out the balance between personal life and professional commitments. The actor, well-known for his roles, particularly in his relationship with Jo Hye Won, remains torn between his aspirations for family life and the bonds formed on ‘I Live Alone.’

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