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My Demon episode 3 and 4 were not just packed with enthralling performances by Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung but a lot of unexpected plot twists too. Song Kang continues to excel as a demon losing all his powers while Kim Yoo-Jung plays a charming CEO who is hot on the heels of a murderer.
Meet Do Do Hee’s handsome bodyguard!
Jung Gu Won (Song Kang) comes clean to Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung) about his demonic abilities and the brutal deals that he strikes.While she disapproves of his nature, tapping into his human side, Jung Gu Won starts questioning his emotions. Gu Won, dearly holding onto the existence of his tattoo, circles back to Do Do Hee, agreeing to be her bodyguard.
A suspicious murder and a desperate proposal!
The third and fourth episodes of ‘My Demon’ came with some unexpected curveballs. In an upsetting twist of fate, Joo Cheon-sook (Kim Hae-sook) passes away under suspicious circumstances, but she didn’t exit without throwing some twists of her own! Bestowing all her wealth on Do Do Hee, Joo Cheon-sook imposed her with the condition of her marriage. In a desperate bid, Do Do Hee proposes marriage to Jung Gu Won, who turns her down in an instant. Despite the shock, Jung Gu Won and Do Do Hee team up to find Joo Cheon-sook’s murderer.
My Demon episode 3 and 4 review: Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung serve some serious emotions
The classic hate first-love later narrative is picking up pace in ‘My Demon’, as CEO Kim Yoo-Jung seems to be falling for her handsome bodyguard, while Song Kang is realising his human emotions, despite the desperation to get his tattoo back. Moments of fleeting intimacy and petty fights between the two leads make ‘My Demon’ an engaging watch. Moreover, it is entertaining to watch Song Kang’s charismatic portrayal of a demon, who loses all his powers and unleashes his vulnerable side with silly moments.
The interesting twist of fate, which brings together Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung as accomplices adds a layer of intrigue to the plot. The hunt is on for the murderer, while Kim Yoo-Jung has to deal with a target on her back, but with a handsome protector by her side. All in all, My Demon serves romance, thrill and intrigue in equal measures. This weekend concluded with the iconic moment of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung’s intimate moment from the promos and we cannot wait for more of it!

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