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Netflix has been hitting it big with Korean dramas, and Sweet Home is no exception. This action-horror series, originally based on a webtoon, first graced our screens in December 2020. Fast forward three years, and season 2 has just dropped, taking us beyond the webtoon’s storyline into a world filled with terrifying monsters. The show gained massive popularity, even securing a top spot in the United States and dominating eight global regions.
Now, the burning question is, when will Sweet Home Season 3 make its debut? Well, here’s the scoop!
When to expect Sweet Home Season 3?
The thrilling season 2 finale left fans hanging with several jaw-dropping cliffhangers.Fear not, though, as an ending card spilled the beans – Sweet Home Season 3 is set to premiere in the summer of 2024. The quick turnaround is thanks to both seasons 2 and 3 being filmed back-to-back, wrapping up production in March 2023.
Returning cast for Season 3
If you’re wondering who’ll be back for the final season, we’ve got you covered. All surviving cast members from season 2 are guaranteed to return. Get ready to see familiar faces, including Song Kang (Cha Hyun-su), Go Min-si (Lee Eun-yu), Jinyoung (Park Chan-young), and more. Even characters who met their demise in season 2 might make a return through flashbacks.
But here’s something – the last scene of the season 2 finale revealed the survival of Lee Eun-hyuk (played by Lee Do-hyun). Fans can look forward to his return in season 3, where lingering questions about his miraculous survival will finally be answered.

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