Tom Holland reveals that Zendaya is ‘most honest’ with him | English Movie News – Times of India

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been dating for nearly two years now, but both refrain from speaking about each other during interviews and media conversations. But in a rare moment. Tom revealed that Zendaya is amongst the few people who he trusts the most when it comes to acting advice.
During his SAG-AFTRA conversation, he mentioned that Zendaya is probably the most honest with him and he loves that because one needs that from his partner.TheSpider-Man star also named his colleagues from Marvel Cinematic Universe Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch as someone whom he reaches out for advice and guidance. He shared that Downey is extremely honest, at times a little too honest, he also shared that he really respects Downey a lot and he has taught him so many things and he admires him a lot.
Both Tom and Zendaya are extremely private about their relationship, in an Elle interview Zendaya shared that certain aspects of her life will be in the public eye. She added that she cannot avoid being human, living her life, and cherishing the person she loves. However she highlighted that she also retains the authority to decide about what she chooses to disclose. She further stated that it is about safeguarding one’s peace and allowing certain aspects to remain personal while also embracing one’s existence without fear.

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