ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin shares cryptic Instagram story defending NewJeans amid hateful comments – Times of India

In a disheartening turn of events, the members of NewJeans found themselves the target of hateful comments during a livestream, leaving one member, Hyein, visibly affected. The young teen, still in the early stages of her career, became the unfortunate recipient of mean-spirited remarks, prompting her fellow member Minji to take swift action in defence.
Minji courageously countered the negativity by capturing screenshots of the hate comments, standing up for her colleague and asserting the unity within the group. As the incident unfolded, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, known for her steadfast support of the NewJeans members, responded with a cryptic yet poignant Instagram story.
The post featured an adorable illustration sent by a fan, portraying the NewJeans members as four puppies, led by a leader puppy representing Minji. The standout figure, a bunny dressed in armour, stood protectively in front of the group, shielding them from arrows. This bunny symbolizes NewJeans’ devoted fanclub, aptly named Bunnies, and mirrors the design of the group’s lightstick.
The subtle yet powerful imagery conveyed a message of solidarity and protection, with Min Hee Jin evidently acknowledging and appreciating the unwavering support of the fandom. The illustration portrayed Minji, the puppy leader, armed with a sword, ready to defend her group, but the overarching theme emphasized the fans’ role as the primary protectors.
Netizens flooded social media platforms with expressions of gratitude and admiration for ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s supportive stance towards the NewJeans members. One commenter noted, “I can see that Min Hee Jin really treasures NewJeans like her daughters. Please protect the babies”. Another fan expressed their affection for ADOR and its CEO, stating, “I really love ADOR and the CEO”. A sentiment of approval echoed through another comment: “Ah, so good to see. I can see that she treats them well”. The touching nature of Min Hee Jin’s response did not go unnoticed, as a user shared their emotional reaction: “I just saw this. I’m touched”.
These comments collectively underscored the fans’ appreciation for the CEO’s nurturing approach and the strong connection within the NewJeans community.

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