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Singer Bang Ye Dam, renowned for his introduction to the music scene on ‘K-pop Star Season 2′ in 2013, has recently shed light on the intricacies surrounding his departure from the group TREASURE and his evolution into a solo artist.
Following an extensive seven-year training journey with YG Entertainment, Bang Ye Dam embarked on his official debut with TREASURE.However, his tenure with the group proved to be relatively short-lived, encountering a temporary suspension of group activities in 2022, ultimately culminating in his official withdrawal from TREASURE six months later.
In an interview addressing his departure from YG Entertainment, Bang Ye Dam was quoted by allkpop, “I left the company because I had a change of heart”. Despite initially aligning his aspirations with the company’s vision, he found a new direction through ongoing conversations, prompting him to explore solo pursuits and producing—an avenue he had contemplated since his trainee days. Expressing his “worries”, Bang Ye Dam articulated his desire to venture into a solo career, showcasing a distinctive musical style. While acknowledging the valuable lessons learned during his time at YG Entertainment, he cited “differences in approach” as the catalyst for seeking a new agency. Reflecting on his experience, he emphasized the need to strike a balance between idol-like and artist-like tendencies in his solo journey.
Bang Ye Dam further revealed, “I don’t think it was to the point where I couldn’t bear it. It may seem that way in the end, but I have been at YG for a long time and have learned a lot. However, I think it was quite different from the picture I had when I was setting goals before starting this business. The longer it was delayed, the more regrettable it would be for the fans and the company”. He emphasized the importance of addressing concerns before the delay became regrettable for fans and the company.
Notably, Bang Ye Dam praised the resilience and adaptability of his former TREASURE members in navigating changes and challenges. He expressed admiration for their growth despite the hurdles faced by the group.
Transitioning into his solo career, Bang Ye Dam released his first solo album, ‘Only One’, last month. The album, featuring six tracks, including the title song ‘Only One’, serves as a testament to his artistic evolution and marks the commencement of a new chapter in his musical journey.

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