Kangana Ranaut’s old interview sparks debate amidst Controversy over ‘Animal’, ‘Such boys start ragging others when they grow up’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

As Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s latest directorial venture ‘Animal,’ featuring Ranbir Kapoor, courts controversy for its portrayal of toxic masculinity, an old interview of Kangana Ranaut has resurfaced, reigniting discussions about responsible storytelling in cinema.
The interview clip, now viral on Reddit, showcases Kangana Ranaut engaged in a candid conversation with Aamir Khanand Deepika Padukone, emphasizing the need for dark subjects in films to depict their consequences.Kangana Ranaut said, in Hindi, the importance of not merely portraying grim realities but also highlighting their after effects, particularly concerning the impact on characters’ lives and the audience’s perception.
Expressing her stance on the matter, Kangana Ranaut stressed that there cannot be a happy ending if dark subjects are portrayed without showcasing their consequences. She delved into the concerning effects such portrayals can have on impressionable minds, elaborating on how certain characters, if glorified without repercussions, might influence negative behavior among viewers.
Kangana Ranaut further talked about the potential aftermath, stating that individuals identifying with such characters in movies might justify their actions and adopt problematic behavioral patterns. She highlighted the gravity of this issue, emphasizing the real-world consequences such portrayals could provoke, affecting not only relationships but societal interactions and even familial dynamics.
The reappearance of this interview amid the controversy surrounding ‘Animal’ has sparked fervent discussions online. Netizens have applauded Kangana Ranaut’s perspective, underscoring the responsibility of filmmakers in portraying sensitive and dark themes with a conscious effort to showcase their aftermath and implications on characters and society.

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