Lee Dong Gun opens up about the untold tragedy of his brother’s demise 15 years ago: My sorrow lasted for five seconds – Times of India

Actor Lee Dong Gun recently bared his soul on the heartbreaking tragedy that befell his family 15 years ago when his younger brother lost his life while studying abroad in Australia. The actor shared the emotional journey on a recent episode of ‘My Little Old Boy’, offering an intimate glimpse into a chapter of his life marked by profound loss.
During the broadcast, Lee Dong Gun, accompanied by his mother, visited his late brother’s columbarium to commemorate what would have been his sibling’s birthday.Reflecting on the untimely passing, Lee Dong Gun expressed “I can’t imagine you being 36 years old (now) because your time stopped when you were 20”.
Tears flowed in the studio as Lee Dong Gun shared a heartfelt moment, showing a video and photo of his daughter to his late brother. “She looks like me, but she also looks like you”, he conveyed, creating a poignant connection between the past and the present. According to allkpop, the actor further opened up about the immediate aftermath of his brother’s passing, revealing a depth of emotion that remained largely unspoken for years. In a candid conversation with his mother, Lee Dong Gun disclosed, “Reflecting on that day, my memories are overshadowed by one overwhelming reality: there was no space or time to be sad. My sorrow lasted for five seconds. In the brief moment where I broke down, my thoughts immediately turned to you, mom. I thought about, ‘How is mom?’ ‘How is dad?’ I was just focused on that.”
The episode delved into the emotional complexities of grief as Lee Dong Gun shared, “After I went to Australia to take care of things until the funeral, I kept looking at mom and then to dad. I didn’t realize how difficult it was. Only after I made sure my parents were okay, it really hit me.”
His mother, hearing about his struggles, expressed remorse, stating, “I felt so bad after I heard you couldn’t sleep without drinking”. Lee Dong Gun continued to unveil the challenges he faced during the aftermath, recounting, “After we got the call, I was on a plane to Australia within three hours. I wanted to bring him back safely. It wasn’t Korea so if we prolonged the process, then his body would decompose. So I suggested that we cremate him first then bring him back so that we can keep him in his beautiful and angelic appearance”. He continued, “I brought him on the plane and the seat next to me was empty, so I put (the urn) down briefly, but they told me I had to buy another plane ticket for that seat. So, I had to carry him all the way but it was still meaningful to me, to be able to carry him”.
Tragically, Lee Dong Gun’s younger brother lost his life in a shocking incident near Sydney Tower, where he was fatally stabbed. The circumstances surrounding the attack revealed a devastating reality, as his brother became the victim of a senseless act of violence during his time studying abroad in Australia.

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