IU and V’s collaboration music video is helmed by ‘Concrete Utopia’ Director | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

Reports from industry insiders on December 7 dropped that director Um Tae Hwa, known for his work on the film ‘Concrete Utopia,’ has taken the reins in directing IU‘s upcoming music video, which features a special appearance by V from BTS.
IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, responded to the news, confirming, “Director Um Tae Hwa of the film ‘Concrete Utopia’ was in charge of direction, and they finished filming.” The agency also shared that IU is currently immersed in the final stages of filming for her project titled ‘You Have Done Well’ (literal title, expressed in the Jeju dialect).
Earlier, on December 5, it was reported that IU and V had already completed shooting their collaborative music video ahead of V’s upcoming enlistment, creating a buzz among fans. EDAM Entertainment disclosed that IU’s highly anticipated new album is in the works and is set to be coming in the first half of the upcoming year.
This collaboration marks a reunion for IU and director Um Tae Hwa, who had previously teamed up for the video production of IU’s 10th-anniversary concert in 2018. During that time, director Um Tae Hwa shared that IU had expressed interest in collaborating after being impressed by his film ‘Forest.’ Now, the duo is back together, fans can expect a treat for both eyes and ears with this upcoming collaboration.

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