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Manoj Bajpayee and Ram Gopal Varma‘s collaborations have always been memorable, be it ‘Satya’, ‘Shool’ or ‘Kaun??’ In a way, Manoj has admitted that he owes his career to RGV. The actor is currently promoting his upcoming movie ‘Joram’ and during an interview with ETimes, the actor also indulged in a fun rapid fire round.
When asked Manoj to choose his favourite collaboration with Ram Gopal Varma, here’s what he said.”All of them were beautiful, but I’ll go with ‘Kaun?’. I changed a lot about the character in the film. Whatever I prepared was the way Ramu wanted me to play but deep within, I was not convinced. I went on the set and in another 15 minutes, I had to perform but it was troubling me. I went to Ramu andAnurag Kashyap, and I told them, ‘I don’t think this character is going right. Let me perform for you, then you decide.’ I performed for them and they jumped and approved it, immediately. Basically, we prepare for every movie, but this performance came very spontaneously, although I had been thinking about it for many days.” ‘Kaun?’ starred Urmila Matondkar alongside the actor.
Anurag Kashyap had written the film, which was directed by Varma. “The problem which Manoj had with his character was that he was too serious. I told them, the film will fall flat, don’t make this character so serious. So, I added that bit of craziness to this character. The audience would be distracted from Urmila and be invested in this guy only if he is all berserk, or else the film would have fallen flat,” he said.

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Well, those who’ve watched the movie will agree, that it was the character’s craziness and quirkiness which worked for the movie and has kept it memorable over the years!

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