Bobby Deol reveals viral dance in ‘Jamal Kudu’ was his idea; says they used to get drunk and keep glasses on their heads – Times of India

Bobby Deol‘s entrance song in ‘Animal‘ and his viral dance on the song has been getting appreciation from all quarters. The actor has now revealed where the idea of dancing with a glass on his head came from.
In an interview with Bollywood Spy, Bobby said that it is crazy that people are keeping a glass on their dog’s head and dancing. Somebody had worn an exact same suit like him and all that is just overwhelming for him.

The actor went on to share how Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director, demonstrated his keen sense of music and filmmaking during the production.

Before filming began, Vanga had introduced a specific song for the actor’s introduction scene. When it came time to shoot, the choreographer instructed the actor to take the lead in a dance sequence. Initially unsure, the actor started dancing but was corrected by the choreographer, who advised against doing it in the style of Bobby Deol. To get a better idea, the actor then asked Saurabh, who plays his brother, to demonstrate how he would approach the dance.

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Bobby expressed his reluctance to mimic someone else’s dance moves, stating, “I didn’t want to copy someone else’s style.” However, a memory from his childhood in Punjab sparked inspiration. Recalling the times when he was young and would visit Punjab, he remembered a peculiar yet amusing practice of getting drunk and placing glasses on their heads. Although he never fully comprehended the purpose behind it, he decided to incorporate that memory into the scene. Surprisingly, Sandeep Reddy Vanga appreciated and approved of the unique approach.

The featured song in the film is a revamped edition of the Iranian track ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo,’ originally by Iran’s Khatareh Group and approximately a decade old. The reinterpretation for the movie was crafted by Harshvardhan Rameshwar. Notably, ‘Animal’ also includes Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Rashmika Mandanna in key roles.

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