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Achieving radiant and glowing skin requires dedication and a holistic approach. Skincare enthusiasts understand the importance of a well-rounded routine, including proper skincare practices, a nutritious diet, and staying well-hydrated. Nimrat Kaur, Bollywood actress and ambassador for Organic Harvest, shares valuable tips for skincare enthusiasts seeking holistic winter skincare.

Known for her glowing complexion, Nimrat embraces minimal makeup both on and off the screen, emphasizing the beauty of natural radiance. In an exclusive interview with Zee News English, she shared insights into her winter skincare routine, workout regimen, and dietary choices. Nimrat advocates not only for cosmetic products but also for the effectiveness of home remedies, generously providing skin-friendly recipes.

Highlighting the importance of “mindful choices” in her daily diet, Nimrat believes these choices contribute significantly to overall well-being and sustained energy levels throughout the day. Nimrat Kaur’s tips serve as a guide for those who wish to achieve glowing and healthy winter skin.

Here are excerpts from Nimrat Kaur’s interview:

Winter skincare can be challenging, could you take us through your daily skincare routine during the colder months? Are there specific products that you find indispensable for maintaining skin health and radiance in winter?

My daily skincare routine revolves around nourishing and protecting my skin, especially during the winter. When it comes to bathing, I am mindful of using lukewarm water to prevent dehydration and excessive dryness. Right after my bath, while my skin is still damp, I ensure immediate moisturization with Organic Harvest’s brightening face cream —a versatile moisturizer that helps revive my skin’s natural glow. Another favourite of mine is face serum— packed with the goodness of saffron and oat milk which effortlessly seeps into the skin, providing luxurious and non-greasy hydration. In the evenings, before bedtime, I make it a priority to cleanse my skin thoroughly. Regardless of my location or fatigue level, maintaining clean skin is a non-negotiable rule for me.

Can you share insights into your daily diet, especially during winter, and how it contributes to keeping your skin nourished? 

My day kicks off with a cup of tea sweetened with jaggery, as I’ve consciously minimized my sugar intake as much as practically achievable. Before my workout, I opt for fruit, and after exercising, I fuel up with oatmeal porridge containing raisins and almonds that have been soaked overnight. I also include two or three egg whites in my post-workout meal. To maintain a healthy diet, I steer clear of bread whenever possible.

For both lunch and dinner, I incorporate brown rice, a variety of vegetables, and either fish or chicken into my meals. This ensures a balanced and nutritious diet. In the evening, my go-to snacks are either rusk paired with tea or coffee or an open-faced sandwich, providing a satisfying yet mindful choice for the later part of the day. This dietary routine contributes to my overall well-being and energy levels throughout the day.

How do you manage to prioritize your beauty and wellness routine, particularly during the winter season? 

During the winter season, hydration is the key! I opt for skincare products tailored to my skin type, free from synthetic additives. Simple organic ingredients that hydrate deep within the skin’s layers can go a long way in maintaining a natural, chemical-free beauty routine amid the constant influx in the market. Internally, I always make sure to drink ample water for well-hydrated moisturized skin.

Maintaining wellness is like a two-way street for me. I’ve found that when my mind is in a good place, my body follows suit. Taking in the early morning light of the rising sun to give the necessary cues to the circadian rhythm of the body has been an essential go-to practice for me. Alongside, I’ve embraced the joy of simple things – clean eating, natural ingredients in meals and makeup. It’s cliché but true, these practices reflect a radiance that goes beyond skin deep. For me, a holistic wellness mantra is the key to that natural glow we all aim for.

Are there specific exercises or activities you enjoy that contribute to both your physical and mental well-being? Any fitness tips for staying active and healthy in colder weather?

Surviving in this demanding world calls for a blend of mental and physical fitness. Practices like meditation, sitting in silence, gratitude journaling, and listening to kirtan live streamed from the Golden Temple have been my go-to, helping centre my mind by focusing on my breath. 

I stay physically active by running, dancing, and hiking, while yoga and meditation maintain my mental well-being. Engaging in activities like adventures, hiking, and cooking serve as meditative outlets for me. Mindful eating ensures a balance between what my body needs and what makes my mind happy. 

A fitness tip would be to incorporate a diverse routine – functional training, yoga, and running. Avoid sticking to a rigid workout plan; instead, adapt to the environment you are in. Depending on the location and its characteristics, I tailor my fitness approach to blend seamlessly with my surroundings, prioritizing both fitness and well-being.

And summing up, are there any quick beauty tips or tricks you swear by when you’re on a tight schedule?

When on a tight schedule, less is always more. Indulge in organic hassle-free skincare and makeup like a moisturizing multitasking product or a tinted bb cream for a fresh quick look and opt for natural ingredients like kumkumadi or plant-based vegan oils and serums to replenish deep into the skin layers, providing lasting hydration. For me, even a simple swirl of kajal can brighten your entire look. I swear by Organic Harvest’s midnight Kohl, it instantly defines your eyes, providing a fresh look. Most importantly, prioritize thorough makeup removal, especially eye makeup, to prevent issues around the sensitive under-eye area. 

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