Giorgia Andriani says she was a in a comfortable bubble when in a relationship in Arbaaz Khan, but now is exposed to the real world | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani were dating each other for four years, after Khan got divorced from Malaika Arora. The duo had made their relationship official and were often seen on holidays and making several public appearances together. However, Giorgia recently revealed that they’ve mutually parted ways.
The actress had revealed that their relationship was never toxic and he was always there for her emotionally, hence they continue to be in touch.However, now she doesn’t want to be addressed as his girfriend. Now Giorgia has revealed in an interview with Times News Network that she really misses Arbaaz because they were in a relationship for four years. However there is no going back now and they won’t be reconciling their relationship. She said that she had started dating him when she was just 23. While Arbaaz had no problem in her going out, socialising and meeting people, she just couldn’t do it. She says they were in different phases of their lives.
She further added that she has her own individuality and doesn’t want to be called anyone’s girlfriend. She admitted that she is now stepping out and knowing how the real world functions. When she was in a relationship with Arbaaz, it was just a comfortable bubble. Which is why she feels that she’s now more deserving of what she earns – be it friendships or work.
Giorgia also said that she will never stop having good feelings for Arbaaz because he was always so nice to her and that’s why they will always be friends.

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