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Triptii Dimri has been receiving a lot of love and appreciation for her latest film, ‘Animal‘. Even her Instagram followers showed a tremendous growth ever since the reelase of the film.
Now, amidst this an old video of Triptii making a fun reel on Instagram has gone viral on social media. In the 2015 video, the actress is seen making a video on the popular ‘aww’ trend.
Watch the video here:

Triptii’s fun interaction with a shopkeeper in the video has now received lots of likes and comments on Instagram.While one fan wrote, ‘So funny’, another one added, ‘National crush updated’. A fan also commented, ‘She gonna eat other actresses carrier in future(sic)’.

Triptii has been in the buzz for her intimate scene in the movie with Ranbir Kapoor. Ealier in another interview, Triptii said that fortunately, in both cases, whether it was the rape scene in “Bulbull” (her 2020 Netflix film) or the ongoing project, they consistently ensured my comfort. They limited the on-set presence to no more than five people, including the director, the Director of Photography (DOP), and the actors. No one else was allowed on set, and all monitors were shut off. The approach was straightforward: ‘This is the scene we are doing. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, let us know. We’ll go at your pace,’ Triptii shared, as reported by Instant Bollywood.

Animal actress Triptii Dimri celebrates the film’s success; expresses gratitude to fans

She also shared that Ranbir kept checking up on her to see if she was comfortable during the scene.

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