Triptii Dimri breaks silence on the viral video where she was staring at Ranbir Kapoor during ‘Animal’ screening: ‘If someone is talking in front of me….’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Ever since ‘Animal‘ has released, Triptii Dimri’s popularity has gone sky-high. While the actress got some bit of criticism for her performance in the movie, Triptii has become the national crush of sort, overnight. People loved her innocence in the movie apart from how she looked. But her chemistry with Ranbir Kapoorstole the show. Fans cannot stop gushing over this on-screen pair’s chemistry.Meanwhile, a video of Triptii andRanbir during the promotions of ‘Animal’ went viral.
One saw that Triptii was nervous but she was also stealing glances at Ranbir. Fans thought she was smitten by him and may be sparks could have flown between them, if Ranbir was not married. Now Tripti has finally reacted to this viral video. The actress has said during an interview with Sidharth Kannan, they were at the screening and wanted to take a picture of the entire cast together. That’s when Ranbir was right in front of Tripti, talking to someone. “If someone is talking to someone right in front of me, obviously you will look at the person,” exclaimed Tripti.

Infact, Triptii further added that her father called her after seeing the video and said asked her if she was nervous because she was rubbing her hands. Her dad gauged it.
During a chat with ETimes, Triptii had confessed that Ranbir is her second crush while Shah Rukh Khan is her first crush. She had said, “My first crush was Shah Rukh Khan. Second was Ranbir. He’s beautiful, not just as an actor, but also as a human being. A lot of people say, you should not meet your idols. I’m glad I met my idol because I respect him even more now. Because till now, I knew him as an actor. And I respected him for the honesty that he shows with his character. But when I worked with him, I was very nervous. And he could see that I was nervous. He could sense that. And he did everything he could do to make me feel comfortable.”

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