Bagheera Teaser: Fans dub Srii Murali as ‘Indian Batman’ after release of action-packed clip – Times of India

The first teaser of ‘Bagheera‘ starring Srii Murali dropped online on the occasion of the actor’s birthday and has since, ignited a wave of excitement among fans.
Shortly after the launch of the 26-second-long teaser, fans took to social media to review the clip and also share their excitement about the film. Many seemed blown away by the ‘captivating visuals’ while others said, “NGL felt like some Hollywood teaser, teaser quality, frames, bgm awesome!”
The ‘superhero‘ undertone of the film shone through for a fan who said, “A cop by day, vigilante by night.The premise looks interesting. Visuals and making are top notch. Needed a solid BGM for it to hit it out of the park.”

Meanwhile, others thought that the film was similar to the Robert Pattinson starrer ‘The Batman‘. Taking to Twitter, fans dubbed the leading star as ‘Indian Batman‘.
One commented, “BatMan Vibes . Indian SuperHero Roars Soon …Cant wait…”
Another said, “#Bagheera teaser is so impressive. Hope director does justice to Dark knight character.”
The action-packed clip showcases Murali in a gritty and intense avatar, drawing parallels to the iconic superhero from Gotham City.

“Bagheera,” directed by Dr. Suri, has been highly anticipated, and the teaser has only heightened expectations. The film, which falls into the action thriller genre, appears to have struck a chord with audiences, especially Murali’s fans who are excited to see him in action on the big screen as a superhero.
Check out the other fan-reactions below:

While the official release date of ‘Bagheera’ is yet to be announced, reports state that the makers are eyeing a mid 2024 release.

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