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With the wedding season around the corner, let’s talk about adding a personal touch to your special day! Think of choosing layered jewelry as creating a unique fashion story for your dress. It’s like picking pieces that resonate with your style, making every moment even more special and uniquely you. So, whether it’s a delicate necklace or a stack of bracelets, let your jewelry be a reflection of your personality, telling a story as beautiful and unique as your love. It’s your day to shine, and the right layers of jewelry will make it absolutely unforgettable.

In an interview with Zee News English, Shakti Piplani, Founder & CEO, and Shefali Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO of Increate Jewelry Institute (IJI) in Delhi, graciously shared their insights and expertise on the art of layered jewelry. Here’s a glimpse into their thoughts and recommendations:

1. Trend of Light Necklaces and Chic Contrasts

“Layering of light necklaces is in trend as it is stylish and adds a more personal touch to your outfits,” suggests Shefali. When asked about the preference between necklaces and bracelets or a combination of both, Shefali emphasizes the trendiness of light necklaces, explaining that the detailing of a neckline often captures more attention than the hands. The duo recommends designers opt for one or a maximum of two layers at a time to avoid an overwhelming appearance.

2. Balancing Bold and Subtle Designs for Wedding Day Jewelry

Discussing the design choices for wedding day jewelry, Shakti shares, “Bold and subtle both are personal choices, especially on a wedding day.” IJI assists in crafting jewelry that complements the attire for the day. For heavy lehenga, they recommend multi-layered jadau or diamond necklaces, while a light lehenga pairs well with a single-layered necklace, earrings, bangles, and a simple ring.

3. Influences of Neckline and Dress Style on Layered Necklaces

The neckline and style of a wedding dress play a pivotal role in choosing the right layered necklace. Shefali offers insights such as a V-shaped necklace for sweetheart necklines, angular designs for square necklines, and princess or matinee necklaces for boat necks. Finding the perfect balance enhances the overall look.

4. Incorporating Non-Traditional Materials for Unconventional Looks

When it comes to unconventional wedding looks, Shakti advises against non-traditional materials for Indian weddings, recommending the timeless appeal of traditional metals and stones. While experimenting with materials like fabric, wood, and ceramics is encouraged for daily wear, Shakti suggests sticking to tradition for the big day.

5. Role of Color in Layered Jewelry Design

Color is a crucial factor in designing layered jewelry. Shefali suggests having the same-colored gemstones in layered necklaces for a cohesive look. For stacking rings and bracelets, one can play with different gemstone colors. When it comes to metallic tones, a mix of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold or at least two of them can be incorporated. However, the designers caution against excessive mixing, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious color palette.

As the wedding season approaches, Shakti and Shefali leave us with a resonating quote by Kelly Framel: “Jewelry adds richness, another layer in storytelling. Jewelry can make moments iconic.” In the hands of skilled designers like those at Increate Jewelry Institute, each piece becomes a unique chapter in the narrative of a couple’s special day.


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