When Salman Khan had revealed why he’s so secure: ‘I don’t believe in bitching or gossip or tracking other people’s movie numbers’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Salman Khan celebrates his 58th birthday today and the actor continues to remain fit and quite at the top of his game over the years. Khan has always continued to retain his individuality and that’s perhaps what his fans love about the actor. He turns 58 and has spent about 35 years in the industry. Recently, when ETimes had spoken to the actor during ‘Tiger 3‘, we asked him, how he’s been so secure and continued to remain relevant throughout his career.
That’s when Salman broke the misconceptions which people have about him that he doesn’t really work hard on a film, which he does. Salman had said, “On the set, people think, ‘yeh aata hai, coffee peeta hai, idhar udhar dekhta hai, shot deta hai, chala jaata hai,’ but all the hard work is done earlier at home before I land up on the set. I don’t believe in going out, gossiping, bitching about people, tracking numbers of other people, following other people’s career ke ‘iska kya ho raha hai’. I just concentrate on what I’m working on, at the moment. So, those people who come home are also people who have worked with me, who are currently working with me or who I’ll be working with, next. Of course, I have a set of 4-5 friends who’ve been there with me since time unknown and that’s my life!”
Clearly, the actor also has a very close circle of family and friends who he likes to spend time with. But he completely credits his father Salim Khan for his upbringing and for the fact that he is so secure as an actor. He said, “Before I even became an actor, I’ve seen failure, success, failure, success with my father’s career. When my father was successful as a writer, I didn’t see him going nuts or ballistic. When he went down as well, I saw the same father standing there. I didn’t see any change in my father’s personality. That’s what all of us, brothers and sisters got it from him.”
That explains why Salman doesn’t celebrate the success of his film much and doesn’t mourn the failure of another movie. “If a film like ‘Tiger 3’ is successful, we may not celebrate it. But perhaps if a film fails, we will not cry either. Because we’ve given our best.”
Salman returned to the city last night on his birthday. He celebrated his birthday with niece Ayat and family! Meanwhile, fans have gathered today in huge numbers outside his house to get a glimpse of their favourite star!

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