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In a recent conversation, Shilpa Shetty shared insights into her connection with Rohit Shetty, tracing it back to their fathers’ friendship. She mentioned that her father had assisted Rohit’s father in the film “Yaadon Ki Baaraat,” where he was part of the action team. Shilpa often tells Rohit that their collaboration was destined even 14 years ago when he had approached her for Golmaal.However, due to her Big Brother win and subsequent travel commitments, the project didn’t materialize at that time.

Despite the missed opportunity in the past, Shilpa, while talking to Bollywood Hungama, expressed excitement about the current collaboration on “Indian Police Force.” She stated that she was so gutted because when you see a brand becoming so big, you wish you were in the movie. But she is glad that they are doing this amazing project together now.

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During the trailer launch event, Rohit praised Shilpa for her dedication, stating that she had given her blood and sweat to the role. He recounted an incident where Shilpa suffered a fracture during a scene, leading to a three-month hiatus.

In her role as Tara Shetty, a cop in the show, Shilpa embraces a character she describes as a “Shero.” During the trailer launch, Shilpa spoke about her character, emphasizing the uniqueness of Tara. She stated, “Why wouldn’t one accept a role like this?” According to Shilpa, Tara is not just a hero or heroine, but a “Shero,” possessing qualities such as being pretty, bad*ss, passionate, compassionate, and selfless in her line of work. Shilpa believes these attributes make Tara a character worthy of being placed on a pedestal.

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