IVE’s Wonyoung corrects translation errors in script of 2023 Asia Artist Awards, garners praise from netizens – Times of India


IVE’s Wonyoung continues to solidify her position as one of K-pop‘s standout stars, earning accolades not just for her on-stage performances but also for her unwavering dedication behind the scenes. The young idol, celebrated for her commitment to both group and solo endeavors, recently showcased her professionalism during the 2023 Asia Artist Awards held in the Philippines.
In the bustling month of December 2023, Wonyoung found herself engaged in a whirlwind of international schedules, a testament to her global appeal. Notably, she played a pivotal role in hosting the prestigious 2023 Asia Artist Awards, sharing the stage with ZEROBASEONE’s Hanbin and soloist Kang Daniel for over seven hours.
Taking her commitment to excellence to another level, Wonyoung offered IVE’s fandom, known as DIVEs, an exclusive glimpse into her meticulous preparations for the awards ceremony. The behind-the-scenes footage highlighted her dedication and work ethic, leaving netizens thoroughly impressed. In the lead-up to the event, Wonyoung diligently reviewed her script, engaging with staff members to understand the expectations for her role during the show. Not content with merely memorizing lines, she took the extra step of learning and rehearsing her lines in three languages.
However, it was Wonyoung’s commitment to accuracy that truly stood out. During her review of the Japanese lines, she identified errors in the translation. Rather than relying on others to rectify the situation, the IVE member took it upon herself to meticulously revise the mistranslations, showcasing a level of diligence that resonated with fans.


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