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Mushtaq Khan recently recalled the time when Shah Rukh Khan declined a role in a major film funded by a renowned production house because the character offered to him lacked substantial depth and significance.
Talking about the same, Mushtaq mentioned in an interview with Digital Commentary that he was working with the superstar on television show ‘Umeed.’ Shooting in Nashik, Shah Rukh received interest from producer Pranlal Mehta for a significant project.Mushtaq advised him to go ahead with it, emphasizing the reputation of the production house and the director’s successful track record.

However, after a brief contemplation period, Shah Rukh decided not to take on the project, leaving Mushtaq surprised and expressing that Shah Rukh might have underestimated the opportunity.

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Even with Mushtaq’s encouragement, Shah Rukh Khan prioritised evaluating the substance of his role rather than being swayed by the prominent name associated with the project.

Despite Mushtaq Khan’s attempt to convince him, Shah Rukh Khan decided to evaluate the role’s quality rather than being swayed by the project’s notable reputation. Shah Rukh felt that the role, portraying Raaj Kumar‘s son, offered limited opportunities as he would only have a few songs and scenes, all alongside Raaj Kumar. In that early stage of his career when he was relatively unknown, Shah Rukh chose to decline the offer despite the film’s significant stature.

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