‘Merry Christmas’: Trade analysts predict slow but steady rise of the Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi starrer amidst Pongal releases; say the film is attracting niche audience – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

The Vijay Sethupati and Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Merry Christmas‘ has been exclusively released in South multiplexes. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, the film is surrounded by some notable Pongal releases of Tamil and Telugu films, including Mahesh Babu‘s Telugu film ‘Guntur Karam‘ and Dhanush’s ‘Captain Miller,’ which have garnered significant attention this Pongal week.
While Vijay Sethupati’s film is considered a Hindi movie, trade analyst Ramesh Bala stated, “The movie is marketed in a limited way and not promoted as a big release for Vijay Sethupati. It appears more like a film intended for OTT. Here in Tamil Nadu, people are discussing ‘Captain Miller’ and other films.”

However, trade analyst Sreedhar Pillai sees this as a significant breakthrough for Vijay Sethupati in Hindi films. He said, “Vijay Sethupati has secured a big-ticket break, and he is a talented actor. His pairing with Katrina, who has primarily taken on roles alongside major heroes, marks a substantial career move for him.”

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At the South box office, ‘Merry Christmas’ is not experiencing a rush, and both trade analysts acknowledge that films of this nature, if good, typically take time to gain momentum. The film, directed by Sriram Raghavan, is attracting a niche audience amidst the Pongal releases.

Elaborating further, Bala added, “The film’s release is limited, with a niche audience, particularly among Sriram Raghavan’s fans. Excitement is not running high, and we must wait, especially considering the ongoing Pongal holidays, to see how it performs in the coming days. Progress will likely be slow and steady, and some viewers have expressed reservations about the film’s initially slow pace. While it is challenging to assess its performance on the first day, such films tend to grow gradually over time. However, the competition is stiff, and ‘Merry Christmas’ is not the type of movie that people will rush to watch. The initial day shows a slow start, and the results will be closely observed.”

Pillai concurred that it is premature to delve into the film’s business prospects. He commented, “It is indeed too early to make predictions, but it is anticipated to be an average grosser, and that’s about it.”

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