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New Delhi: Garnering massive acclaim from both critics and audiences for its compelling storyline and breakthrough performances, National Award-Winning Director Sudhanshu Saria’s masterpiece ‘Sanaa’ has been making waves at varied film festivals in India and internationally. Starring Radhika Madan in the lead, the film recently received a standing ovation and rave reviews at the 54th International Film Festival of India held in Goa. While ‘Sanaa’ has already earned itself a vast fanbase globally, it’s now Actor Sukant Goel, known for his role in Netflix’s Web show ‘Kaala Paani’ amongst more, who has joined the list, expressing his desire to have starred in the film and applauding filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria. 

Recently present for Netflix’s ‘The Series Actors’ roundtable, when asked about a role that he yearned to play, Sukant Goel spoke about ‘Sanaa’ and shared his experience of auditioning for the film saying, “There’s a friend of mine, Director Sudhanshu Saria, who sent me the script of ‘Sanaa’. Coincidentally, he was my senior in school and after many years, we met, and he suggested we should work together. He mentioned that it’s not a role he would typically cast me for, but urged me to try it out and see what happens. He insisted I read the script.Then, one day, he met me, and we did a thirteen-minute take in the casting office. It was a lovely experience. The character was originally supposed to play the guitar, but I insisted on playing the harmonium. A couple of days later, Sudhanshu called and informed me that the character would play the harmonium. However, he mentioned being stuck because, after seeing my audition, he realised it should be a younger guy.”

He further added, “Post that, I have been messaging him about the film. I always ask him how it’s going, if it’s good and request to see it. I am still thinking about it, so clearly, I am affected by it.”

Produced by Sudhanshu Saria’s banner Four Line Films, ‘Sanaa’ explores the theme of mental health trauma and narrates the journey of an ambitious woman grappling with internal turmoil triggered by unresolved trauma. The film co-stars Soham Shah, Shikha Talsania and Pooja Bhatt in pivotal roles. 



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