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Tanishaa Mukerji recently opened up about her views on Sandeep Reddy Vanga‘s ‘Animal‘, starring Ranbir Kapoor. Contrary to popular opinion, the actress said that the film is realistic and is not anti-woman by any means.
In an interview with Firstpost, Tanishaa Mukerji was asked about her thoughts on the movie ‘Animal.’ She clarified that, from her standpoint, the film isn’t against feminism.On the contrary, she thinks it advocates for equality in different ways. One example she pointed out was when Ranbir Kapoor’s character supports his sister in leading the family business after she finishes her studies at Harvard University. Tanishaa appreciated this part of the movie, finding it impressive and uplifting.

Tanishaa also highlighted a touching moment in the movie where Ranbir’s character puts shoes on his wife, played by Rashmika Mandanna, during their honeymoon. According to the Tango Charlie actress, this small yet meaningful gesture was both fascinating and beautiful, as it went against traditional gender norms. She admired how the film portrayed Ranbir’s character in a manner that aligns with the principles of feminism.

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The actress argued that the movie portrayed a realistic approach, forcing women to confront their own contradictions. She mentioned a scene where Ranbir questions Rashmika about her tolerance for murder but objection to infidelity, making viewers reflect on societal double standards. Tanishaa emphasized that she knows many women who might skip the movie, assuming it’s against women. However, she genuinely believes they should watch it because, in reality, it is not anti-woman by any means.
According to her, the movie provides a glimpse into the psychological aspects of men tasked with family responsibility, uncovering the societal expectations ingrained in them since childhood. Tanishaa stresses the importance of comprehending the intricate mindset of men who harbor a sense of duty and protectiveness towards their families, even if their actions might be questionable.

For her, the movie becomes a significant moment for society, questioning unquestioning adherence to certain traditions, like marrying someone solely based on parental choice. She acknowledged director Sandeep Reddy Vanga for encouraging viewers to think independently.
Tanishaa stressed that the controversial ‘lick my boot’ line was misunderstood. She clarified that in the movie, when Triptii Dimri‘s character confesses her love, the main character uses this phrase as a test to see if her feelings are genuine. Licking someone’s shoe is shown as a significant gesture, and the character’s refusal to allow it indicates that true love goes beyond such tests. Tanishaa admired the beauty of the hidden meaning in that scene.

Tanishaa recognised that some people have raised concerns about specific dialogues, especially amid ongoing societal struggles for women’s rights. However, she argued that art frequently challenges limits and initiates conversations by offering diverse viewpoints. She urged people to view Bollywood not merely as commercial entertainment but also as a mode of artistic expression. Despite the controversies, she conveyed her affection for the film and satisfaction that it found resonance with audiences at the box office.

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