Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Vicky’s Blame Game Continues As Media Questions His ‘Dominating’ Nature Towards Ankita | Television News

New Delhi: After an arduous journey of 16 weeks, the six finalists have come very close to lifting the trophy on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’, inspiring headlines and creating huge chatter on social media. Edging towards the finale, the top 6 finalists Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Srikanth must weather the storm of spicy questions from the media at a press conference in the house tonight. 

Ankita and Vicky are informed by the media that their fights overpowered the love they share, and Vicky’s mother seems in her son’s favour. Under these circumstances, Vicky is asked when he will stand up for his wife. Vicky answers that when two vocal people express their feelings without filter then arguments are bound to happen. Vicky is asked if the show is bigger than his marriage because it has been observed that even after he is reprimanded for his behavior towards his wife, he continues to blame her and then she is the one who picks up the pieces. Vicky answers that it takes two to tango, if she overreacts then he will have to reply with the same intensity. Ankita is asked if she agrees that Vicky is so overwhelmed by the game that he cannot fulfill the responsibilities of a husband. Ankita states that she will never say that he has spared any effort as a husband, but after coming to this house they both have changed. Will their relationship survive the public scrutiny that will follow?

One of the questions that is fired by the media and directed to Mannara and Ankita is that both claim that they are all heart in their relationships, then how do they justify assassinating each other’s characters in a fight? Mannara swears that she doesn’t remember speaking ill of someone’s character and right then her rival Ankita jumps in to underline that when Mannara has a problem with someone, she starts badmouthing them to no end. In turn, Mannara brings up all the insults uttered by Ankita, one of them being ‘Jaa Vicky ke socks soong le’. Will Mannara be able to fend off these allegations? In another candid conversation, when the media asked Munawar if he was underestimated by the housemates, he corrected his narrative and answered that the housemates considered him a threat, and no one messed with him until Ayesha Khan stepped inside the house to air his dirty laundry. He is asked after a fight when he warns the housemates that ‘Tunnel tak chhod ke aaunga’, is he trying to signal his fans or threatening the housemates. He insists that he doesn’t assassinate characters, hurl expletives and beat people up, so the best revenge is ousting the contestant from the game. Will Munawar be able to salvage his reputation after this scandal? 

Abhishek is also in the line of fire for backing Munawar when he was called out betraying women. The actor tries to defend himself by saying that he doesn’t support cheating and wants to cheer Munawar up. He is asked why he didn’t decline the offer of coming back to the show as a dignified man so that a deserving person could be back on the show. He is called out for throwing a giant tantrum, requesting ‘BIGG BOSS’ to take action against Sunny Aryaa aka Tehelka, however, he began crying when he was expelled for repeatedly getting violent in the house. Does Abhishek have a reply that will exonerate him?

Mark your calendars! Watch out for the non-stop entertainment in the grand finale of HYUNDAI & APPY FIZZ co-present ‘BIGG BOSS’ 17 on the 28th of January from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am only on COLORS, with a 24-hour LIVE channel on JioCinema. 

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