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Shortly after the release of Mean Girls (2024), a bootleg video of Avantika’s song-and-dance performance, titled “Sexy,” went viral on social media, receiving widespread praise. Avantika takes on the role of a new version of Amanda Seyfried‘s Karen in the film adaptation of Tina Fey’s Mean Girls Broadway musical.

In this fresh take on the character, Avantika’s Karen is endearingly slow-witted, delivering some of the film’s best jokes.

Despite not having the chance to meet Seyfried during production, Avantika eventually crossed paths with her at an InStyle and Lancôme event, with the help of co-star Busy Philipps. A viral photograph of the two Karens together, referencing Karen’s “weather report,” captured the heartwarming encounter.
Avantika shared her admiration for Seyfried, describing her as kind and loving. At the event, she seized the opportunity to ask Seyfried burning questions about Karen and the original film, receiving hush-hush information that she can’t disclose. Avantika’s friends have been keeping her updated on social media reactions to her musical number, which holds personal significance as it fulfilled a childhood dream of working with choreographer Kyle Hanagami.
In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Avantika also spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets, including the worst-kept secret about Lindsay Lohan’s cameo and an audition scene that didn’t make the final cut.
As for her unique name, Avantika explained her decision to use a single name, Vandanapu, as it stands out and is easier for people to remember. She humorously noted that she hoped people would assume she was cool enough to have just one name.

Despite nerves, Avantika attended a Lancôme party where she finally met Seyfried, thanks to Busy Philipps’ introduction. The meeting was incredibly positive, with Seyfried being kind and open, making it a memorable and heartwarming first encounter for Avantika.


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