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The multi-hyphenated Lee Jun Ho’s charisma and versatility are often spoken in the same breath. From dominating the stage to the screens he is the proverbial king of hearts, enchanting fans with his performances.

As he turns 34 on January 25, here are five Lee Junho dramas to celebrate with.

The Red Sleeve

A young court maid Deok Im (Le See Young) catches the eye of the handsome crown prince Yi San ( Lee Jun Ho) who falls hopelessly in love with her. However, Deok Im, a self-righteous and independent young lady turns down the love-lorn prince’s persuasive requests to be his concubine. But as circumstances and situations lead to the inevitable the two are not destined for the happily after they hoped for.

“The Red Sleeve “is a bittersweet drama and scores for its performances.

Where to Watch: Viki

King The Land

The stylish General Manager of King Hotel Gu Won( Lee Junho) is aloof and hates smiles. The man cannot stand the sight of people and their wide smiles, because according to him smiles mask deception…However, when he meets the endearing Sa Rang (YoonA) a concierge at the hotel, whose sunny personality and smiling face have a high wattage impact on his otherwise snarky demeanour.

“King The Land” is a breezy rom-com which scored for the chemistry between the two leads.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Rain Or Shine

Lee Kang Do( Lee Jun Ho) dreams and hopes of becoming a soccer player are dashed when an onsite accident at a mall leaves him with a grievous injury which also kills his father. Suffering from a traumatic disorder and being debt-ridden Kang Do is a gruff young man dealing with a hopeless future. He meets Ha Moon Soo( Won Jin Ah), a survivor of the same accident, who is wracked with guilt. The two come together with their shared grief, and struggles and form a deep connection.

Where To Watch: Viki

Wok of Love

Seo Poong ( Lee Jun Ho) a star chef at a swanky hotel loses his job and the same day discovers that his wife has cheated on him with the CEO of the very hotel where he worked.

Poong lands up at a dilapidated Chinese restaurant run by a gangster Doo Chil SungJang Hyuk) and meets a down-and-out Heiress Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) who has been dumped by her husband.

Determined to succeed he proposes to reinvent the restaurant and start his life all over again.

His sizzling onscreen chemistry with Jung Ryeo Won and the bromance between Poong and Chil Seung make this show the perfect dish.

Where To Watch: Viki

Good Manager

Kim Seong Ryong ( Namgoong Min) is an accountant working for a gangster boss in Gunsan. He can manipulate the books, evade tax and generally does a good job when it comes to money laundering and pocketing money. After an incident he in another company. However, he cannot resort to his old ways and clashes with the prosecutor turned Director of Finance, the cold Seo Yul( Lee Jun Ho).

From enemies to friends and comrades fighting the many crises and situations at work, Seong Ryong and Seo Yul’s on-screen chemistry is what bromances are made up of.

Where To Watch: Viki

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