Did you know that Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Jaanwar’ was originally written for Sunny Deol who opted out of the project? | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

It was Suneel Darshan who gave Akshay Kumar a comeback vehicle in the form of Janwaar that was released 24 years ag? Darshan had some bitter experience while making of the film as the film was first scripted for Sunny Deol who opted out of the film and Akshay stepped in. Suneel Darshan says, “It was originally written for Sunny Deol but his whimsical tantrums and dilly-dallying on the pretext of not being satisfied with the script led to the breakdown of the bond between us.Sunny Deol is yet to return the money which was to be adjusted against acting in a film.’’
So how did Akshay Kumar step into the role that resurrected his career? He said, “No sooner that this occurred Akshay whose career was in doldrums with over a dozen flops approached me and his zest his reputation of being disciplined plus offering 100 per cent commitment landed him with the role that changed his destiny forever!’’
Jaanwar that was released on December 27, 1999 was a heart wrenching narrative of a hardcore criminal’s transformation when he abdicates his sinister profession to provide a clean life to an orphaned child. Darshan said, “ Jaanwar continues to be rated as satellite TV’s highest TRP and repeated telecast.’’
Darshan added, “Truly appreciate the adulation & love for my movies from the audiences/viewers worldwide… wish the Industry had also adopted a supportive stance rather than the envy I faced through the journey so far… but being a hopeless optimist I still look forward to a more glorious future ahead.’’

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