Abhishek Kumar Teaches Self Love Isn’t Selfish; Gives Priceless Reply To Anchor Dibang | People News

New Delhi: In a riveting turn of events on the eve of the Bigg Boss 17 finale, actor and contestant Abhishek Kumar emerged victorious in a conversation that was meant to test the mettle of each participant individually. Facing the seasoned news anchor Dibang, Abhishek showcased remarkable composure despite intense cross-questioning.

Dibang, known for his incisive interviewing style, attempted to paint Abhishek as unnecessarily violent within the Bigg Boss 17 house. However, Abhishek clarified that his displays of aggression were solely in defense against bullies, highlighting his commitment to standing up for himself.

The anchor delved into Abhishek’s past conflicts, particularly focusing on the heated altercation with ex-girlfriend and now-evicted contestant Isha Malviya on the first day of Bigg Boss. Abhishek defended himself, pointing out that Isha had levied allegations of abuse against him. Unfazed, Abhishek emphasized the importance of self-love, declaring, “Mein khud se pyaar karta hu. Mere liye mein bhi important hu” (I love myself and I am important to myself).

Dibang controversially suggested that self-love is a “bimari” (disease), but Abhishek vehemently disagreed, eloquently articulating his perspective on choosing self-love. This powerful statement resonated with many, leaving both the audience and fans impressed.

As the Bigg Boss 17 finale approaches, Abhishek’s resilience and articulate defense have ignited hope among his supporters that he might clinch the coveted trophy, proving that not only does he have the ability to navigate the challenges within the house, but also to excel in the outside world.

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