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In a night filled with laughter and candid moments, the grand finale of Bigg Boss Season 17 witnessed a delightful family affair as Salman Khan, along with his brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, graced the stage. Amidst well-wishes for Arbaaz’s recent marriage to Sshura Khan, the stage came alive with playful banter and humorous revelations.
Bharti, the queen of comedy, couldn’t resist teasing Arbaaz about not receiving a wedding invitation, to which Arbaaz, with his trademark wit, responded that she’d be on the guest list for his next wedding, but of course, someone else’s.The lighthearted exchange brought the house down, leaving the audience in splits.

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Turning the tables, Bharti cheekily inquired about Salman’s reaction to Arbaaz’s second wedding. Salman, playfully remarked that Arbaaz doesn’t listen to anyone, dropping a subtle hint at Arbaaz’s first marriage with Malaika Arora. he said, “Arbaaz sunta nahi kisika, agar suna hota toh…”The audience chuckled at the good-humored exchange.
Bharti didn’t spare Sohail either, poking fun at his casual fashion sense of wearing chappals and shorts. The fun session on the Bigg Boss stage showcased the Khan brothers’ camaraderie, adding a touch of warmth and relatability to the grand finale.
The Khan trio left an indelible mark with their infectious laughter and candid moments, turning the grand finale into not just a celebration of the show but also a heartwarming glimpse into the Khan family dynamics.

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